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Subscription plans are currently available only in India. Don't worry, we will be in your country soon.

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Frequently asked questions

Why subscribe from Teamonk Global?

We are India's finest specialty tea company, bringing to you 100% pure & natural teas. We create our teas keeping your health and wellness in mind, and while we understand that health is found in nature, we make sure that our teas are not added with anything not natural, which means no oils, no added or artificial flavours, just pure and natural teas. Add to that, we have curated a unique tea experience in subscriptions that allows you to take your tea love to the next level.

How is Pre-made different from Make Your Own Subscription?

Pre-made subscription is a fixed plan which is designed for customers to address a particular wellness need, like Weight Care, Detox, Glow. While, Make Your Own Subscription provides customers with the flexibility to choose amongst our teas, as per their preferences and wellness direction.

Is there a fee to join?

No, there is no joining fee. You only pay for the product plan you choose.

What if I want to opt-out?

If you wish to discontinue your subscription, please write to us at reachus@teamonkglobal.com or call us at +91-80-49577577 and we will assist you.

Can I modify my subscription?

We understand that you might want to change your subscription plan at any point in time, and we are here to assist you. Kindly reach out to us and we will be happy to help.

Do I have to pay at once, or is it pay-as-you-go?

You pay for the plan you choose, as a one time payment, so that you enjoy all the benefits of subscription right from the word go.

Once I have subscribed, what happens next?

Once you have subscribed and chosen your plan, we will ship your first subscription pack within 24-48 hours. Your subsequent packs will be shipped as per the schedule defined by you in your plan.