Brewing Kit

Brewing Kit

Tea is not just a beverage, it is an experience - and there is nothing else that could levitate this experience more than brewing it right.

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Our brewing kit is eminently brought together for tea lovers who want to proudly acclaim the salutation of a "Tea Connoisseur".
Its elements include:
Bookmark - Is anything better than getting the best of both worlds? Yes, this souvenir which not only encapsulates the soulfulness of our teas, but also convoys the steps to make the perfect tea that you'll love!
Wooden spoon - An objet d'art spoon, embossed with the love of Teamonk Global, is to measure the unerring quantity of tealeaves, because when it comes to brewing, there's no bargain! With the classic wooden texture, It is indeed a beautiful addition to your collectibles.
Hourglass -  There's magic at the time when the tealeaves meet water, you can see each leaf untwirling. It wouldn't be wrong to say that you lose track of time while you observe each leaf. In this moment of spontaneity, this hourglass is the perfect mapper of how long to brew your cuppa.


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